Past Events

Past Event Submissions Guidelines:

Eligibility: An individual American citizen, USArtBerlin Member must be participating or organizing the event and it must take place in Berlin for it to be a valid submission.

Please include in your event submission:
    Please include in your new submission:
    • Title of Event
    • Address
    • Description (350 words max)
    • Dates
    • Times
    • If there is an admission fee
    • Website of Organization
    • Visual Documentation

    Image submission instructions:


    One JPEG must be uploaded in the format described in the instructions below.

    Be aware that file size is limited to 500 KB  (500,000 bytes) per image file. This is plenty of space for a high-quality JPEG image at 800 x 600 pixels. If you are having trouble squeezing your file into 500 KB, check to make sure your image is 800 pixels or less in width and 600 pixels or less in height. You can use Adobe Photoshop to save a file for the web. Go to FILE > SAVE FOR WEB.


    To submit a video you must have a VIMEO account (a free service) to which you will upload your video sample.

    VIMEO restricts the amount of videos that you can upload to a free account to 500mb per week. So please plan accordingly and start uploading your videos appropriately.

    Step by Step Video instructions

    Step 1: Create a VIMEO account by going to

    Step 2: Choose which type of VIMEO account you want (the basic “free” account will suffice)

    Step 3: Create your account by typing in your name, email address, and by choosing a password

    Step 4: Click on the blue button that says “Upload a video”. Please note that uploading your video can take a very long time. Please plan ahead!

    Step 5: If you are password protecting your videos, please do not forget to give us the password to view. If you choose to submit a password protected private video then make sure that the VIMEO settings for the video is set to "password protected" underneath the "who can see this video" section of your video setting options.

    All text should be spell checked. Note: Incomplete applications will not be considered.

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    Please enter your E-mail Address a second time.

    Acceptable file types: jpg,jpeg.
    Maximum file size: 500kb.