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USArtBerlin is an independent artist-run initiative affiliated with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S . Embassy. Our goals: to foster, maintain, and sustain a network of creative communities among U.S. artists and cultural workers (those involved in.....Read More >

New Board Member June 2014

Jonah Landor-Yamagata is a painter and draftsman. He grew up in in Berkeley and Oakland, California, and attended Bard College (New York) then UC Santa Cruz (California), where he graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies in 2003.

The main theme of his work concerns tensions between modern life and the natural world, and he is drawn to situations where he notices the two interacting in interesting ways. By taking the time to observe, paint and draw he sees deeper levels of relationship between natural and human-created environments. In addition to his artistic work, Jonah has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector as a program manager and environmental educator. He moved to Berlin in 2012 to concentrate on developing his artistic practice.

News Members

December 16, 2015

USArtBerlin recommends this upcoming Symposium at Hamburger Bahnhof- Museum für Gegenwart “The Russians Have A Word For It: BALAGAN and the World Outside” — an initiative of USArtBerlin collaborator Momentum Worldwide . Wednesday Dec. 16, 2-8pm, speakers include Kathrin Becker, Ekaterina Degot, Volker Diehl, David Elliott, Gabriele Knapstein, Olaf Kühl, Bojana Pejic, Asia Zak Persons, more info at the link below!


March 19, 2015

Gwendolyn Kerber
Standing in Water
Opening reception Thursday March 19,  6-9 pm
exhibition dates, Wednesday - Monday, March 19 – 23
Schönhauser Allee 161A
10435 Berlin

Gwen Kerber


September 2014


Concert for 2 Baroque Flutes > Die Kunst der Verzehrung

Amanda Markwick and Teddie Hwang
Saturday, September 27, 2014 & Sunday, September 28, 2014
A program to stir the senses, featuring music that celebrates the art of eating, drinking, conversing, and being merry!
Verzehrung Image and Title.pages

April 2014


Member: JONAH YAMAGATA @ FUNKHAUS + 40 other artists!

On Saturday April 5th and Sunday April 6th Springtime Open Studios at Funkhaus Berlin.




June 2013


Save the date! June 29th

Nomadic Stammtisch V with Gwen Kerber!

So Glad to Be Here III 74 x 76 cm oil on polyester 2011

Gwen Kerber is an American painter living and working in Berlin. She has taught at Pratt Institute, The University of Connecticut, Trinity College, and … MORE >


June 29th, Saturday

10 members maximum

Please RSVP





May 2013



Nomadic Stammtisch Series IV: ikono TV

Tuesday May 21st, 6- 7:30pm

USArtBerlin is proud to present the fourth installment of our Nomadic Stammtisch Series. Our May Stammtisch will feature a presentation by USArtBerlin collaborator ikono TV. ikono’s curatorial and administrative team will present the concept and history of this television platform for contemporary art.






April 2013


Black Janice 001

Address: Schröderstraße 3, Berlin, Germany, 10115

Description: Black Janice is an audio/visual project space started by two Americans hosting their own work as well as Berlin-based artists and musicians.  The space is occupied by an unrelated concept store during the week, and transforms into an exhibition room and performance venue on weekends.  Black Janice 001 is the first of a series of events between April and June of 2013 featuring video installation, live ambient sound, drawings, paintings, and photography.

Dates: Saturday, 6 April- Sunday, 7 April

Times: Saturday: 19h-22h (Event), Sunday: 12h-18h (Open)

Free Entrance

Member: Caleigh Birrell


March 2013


10 Years Too Late

Opening: March 15th, 7-10pm

Address: Ackerstrasse 18, Berlin-Mitte


In the course of making work, an artist has discoveries and insights through its creation. Curated by Caetlynn Booth and Tyson Washburn, “10 Years Too Late” is a group show for 10 days in Berlin, presenting current works that speak to the concept through subject matter, process, or insights that would have been useful to the artist 10 years ago, or to the audience. From each of these perspectives, this show asserts that 10 years too late is still right on time.

Participating artists include Liv Aanrud, Megan Cotts, Richard Haley, Loie Hollowell, Lindsey Landfried, Amy Lincoln, Alan Prazniak, Tyson Washburn, David Webb, Viktor Witkowski. Each of the ten artists in the show has provided a statement about how their piece speaks to the theme and to their practice, and will accompany the exhibition in printed format. This exhibition approaches the theme from a point of specificity and intimacy regarding the practice of each artist and the content of each physical object in the show, and the interesting convergences, synchronicities, and coincidences between these works as well as the tensions, incongruities, and humor suggested by the possibilities and impossibilities derived from relating them to one another. The nature of the premise as a reflection upon time places the artworks in the show within a context to examine the ineffable qualities of an artist’s relationship to their creative process, trying to remember, identify, and represent the most important aspects of their creativity—in doing so, sympathetic concepts reveal themselves including loss, hope, regret, joy, erosion, and rejuvenation.

Press contacts: Caetlynn Booth, [email protected], +49 (0) 1578 772 4042 Stefan Riebel, [email protected]

Dates: Show runs March 10 – 20

Reception: March 15, 7-10pm, or by appointment

Admission fee: None

Site: http://www.i-a-m.tk/coming-soon.html

USArtBerlin Member(s) Participating: Caetlynn Booth http://www.caetlynnbooth.com/

Download Press


On March 15th, the AUTOCENTER will open its new location with the group exhibition “The legend of the shelves”.

Press Preview: Friday, March 15″‘, 2013, 11am – 1pm
Opening: Friday, March 15″‘, 2013, 8 pm
Duration: March 16″‘ – April 6″‘, 2013

Press Release: All artists whose works have been shown in the past 12 years at AUTOCENTER, have been invited to display a new work in the shelves of the former library. This way, “the legend of the shelves” will be a presentation by the “who ‘s who” of the Berlin art scene and will at the same time, simulate a AUTOCENTER retrospective.

USArtBerlin Member(s) Participating: Michael Markwick, Daniel Kingery




(Naked Mountain) is the title of the performance that joins the improvised audio of OKO with the responsive video installation of James Murphy.
The mountain that is the inspiration is the 9th highest peak in the world (8,126 meters) located in Kashmir, it’s known as the Man Eater due to the high percentage of fatal assent attempts.

1 March 2013 @

21:00 _ short movie screening
22:00 _ sound performance + interactive video installation

Herzbergstrasse 55
HB55 kunstfabrik
door C / first floor

tram M8 from
Landsberger allee station
Ring S42/S41




Member: Aleks Slota


February 2013


Special Announcement and Change of Stammtisch Location and Time in February: TUESDAY 26 February 2013

We are proud to invite you to a special co-hosted USArtBerlin event with visual artist and USArtBerlin member, Anne Drew Potter, in collaboration with her solo exhibition, Mythologie einer Geschichtsstunde/Mythology of a History Lesson at the BrotfabrikGalerie.

Artist Talk and Discussion with Anne Drew Potter
TUESDAY, February 26 at the Brotfabrik Galerie
17:00 Uhr German
19:00 Uhr English

After the presentation we will be meeting in the Brotfabrik Kneipe for our regularly scheduled Stammtisch.

Member Anne Drew

January 2013



Controversial Screening and Debate at Kino Babylon-Mitte

Berlin’s premiere art-house cinema, KINO BABYLON-MITTE, has just released their official program notes for one of their most controversial events of the year – a screening of the American-Czech film, COMING SOON (directed by American, Sir Tijn Po), followed by a debate concerning Germany’s about-to-be-finalized anti-bestiality law.

Address: Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 30 10178 Berlin

Date: 31.01.2013
Time: 20:00
Admission fee: 7 Euros   


International praise for the film:

Program notes:

USArtBerlin Member(s) Participating: Devilhead Films


Mythologie einer Geschichtsstunde/Mythology of a History

Anne Drew [email protected] BROTFABRIK, Berlin

Anne Potter

11. Januar, 2013 ab 19uhr / January 11, 2013 from 7pm

Caligariplatz 1, 13086

Öffnungszeiten Brotfabrik Galerie: Di. – So. von 16.00 – 21. 00 Uhr


Member: Anne Drew Potter


Reading of AM I WHITE, a play by Adrienne Dawes

English Theatre Berlin – Fidicinstraße 40, U6 Platz der Luftbrücke

When Neo-Nazi terrorist Wesley Connor returns to prison after a failed bomb plot, he is confronted with the two identities that threaten his position within the White Order of Thule most: fatherhood and his own mixed race heritage. Inspired by the true story of Leo Felton and Erica Chase, Am I White travels between linear narrative, recurring dreams and minstrel show nightmare to discover if a singular self exists in the post-modern, “post-racial” United States.

Monday, January 14, 2013

8:00 pm

Cost: 5 EUR


Member: Daniel Brunet




Labor Berlin 12: DRIFTING

Labor Berlin 12: DRIFTING

Haus der Kulturen der Welt
15.12.-20.01.2013 | Wed – Mon and holidays 11 am – 7 pm
closed December 24, 25 + 31 and January 1, 2013
Opening: 14 December, 6 pm Admission free

Jean-Ulrick Désert will be represented in the exhibition with two works:

The Blackout project of 2012 will be displayed in an newly conceptualized composition with the Leviticus series of 2008.

Moreover, Jean-Ulrick Désert will be showing two additional work pieces in a new juxtaposition in the  exhibition catalog: Negerhosen2000 and Good morning Prussia.

Haus der Kulturen der Welt

John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10

10557 Berlin


Poetry’s physicality meets the language of dance

Four performances from December 6, 2012 – December 9, 2012, 8:30 pm, € 11/7, Dock 11, Kastanienallee 79, 10435 Berlin

Four dancers and four poets delineate, undermine and shift the boundaries of their media, absorb impulses and confront themselves with a seemingly foreign world of expression.

Dance: David Bloom, Maya Lipsker, Katharina Meves, Anna Nowicka, Ingo Reulecke

Poetry: Alexander Gumz, Martina Hefter, Tabea Xenia Magyar, Daniela Seel

Sound: Roy Carroll
Light: Stefan Tietz
Technical Director: Miriam Akkermann
Artistic collaboration: Katharina Meves
Production manager: Annett Hardegen

A production in cooperation with DOCK 11

Funded by: Der Regierende Bürgermeister von Berlin, Senatskanzlei – Kulturelle Angelegenheiten.
Thanks to: TU szenischer Raum (Master’s course)





November 2012




Pull those five projects of yours out of the drawer and bring them along – don’t wait for 100 Grad or Freischwimmer to come knocking on your door; English Theatre Berlin is repositioning itself as the home of expat art and culture. 

Wednesday, November 28 at 6pm/18 Uhr at English Theatre Berlin, Fidicinstrasse 40, U6 Platz der Luftbrücke! 

member: Daniel Brunet


 „Imaginary Travels“ („Imaginäre Reisen“)

conceived and curated byLaurie de Chiara and Rebecca Raue
3.11. – 16.12.2012

Opening on Saturday, 3.11.2012, at 2pm

Exhibition venue: Amerikahaus, Hardenbergstraße, 22-24, 10623 Berlin
Wed, Thu, Fri, 2 ‐ 5 pm
Sat ‐ Sun 11 am – 5 pm
Press Preview: Thursday, 1.11.2012, 11 am

André Schmitz, Cultural Secretary from Berlin
and Peter R. Claussen, Culture- und Press Officer of the US Embassy in Berlin

Participating Artists:
Dominik Lejman (PL), Ellen Harvey (UK), Wolfgang Karl May (DE),
Max Frey (AT), Egill Saebjornsson (IS), Ethan Hayes‐Chute (US),
Kirstine Roepstorff (DK), Michael Johansson (SE), Nina Braun (DE),
Katharina Lackner (AT), Konrad Mühe (DE), Gaby Taplick (DE),
David Krippendorff (US), Olafur Eliasson (DK), Andy Graydon (US),
Thilo Frank (DE), Franz Hoefner und Harry Sachs (DE), Sebastian
Hempel (DE), Hollie Chastain (US), Guy Ben-Ner (IL), Rebecca Raue (DE),
Stefan Saffer (DE), Sophie Erlund (DK)

Most artists will be present at the opening

Member: David Krippendorff


Amanda Markwick/ le Tic Douloureux

Ensemble Il Sussurro (Gerard van Vuuren, clavichord, and Amanda Markwick, traverso) play music by CPE Bach, WF Bach, and JG Müthel. Sensitive, wild, lyric, and filigreed! Hope to see you there!

Exceptional Music for an Unusual Combination, Ambachts- en Baljuwhuis, Voorschoten, NL

Tickets and more info here
Member: Amanda Markwick


September 2012


Rebecca Loyche & James [email protected] Launch of re:MMX

15/09/2012- 16/09/2012

14:00 – 20:00

Linienstrasse 142 Berlin 10115

2 day exhibition. MMX was 2010, the Cave was 2011 and 2012 brings the start of something new by bridging the past & future of Linienstr 142. The event features a new sound installation, panoramic video works, photography, painting and the return of the Circadian Light room. On view is the never before seen art project “The Cave” plus the unveiling of the public Video Box in the garden and a large scale
mural. http://mmx.mx/re

Members: Rebecca Loyche, James Bullough


Moonphases @ Lautwechsel

Clea T. Waite


Time: 20:00- 21:00

Einsteinstraße 42 | 81675 München

Ein Stück für drei Musiker, Soundscapes und Videozuspielband.

Komposition, Sounddesign: Helga Pogatschar, Video: Clea T. Waite
Barbara Lüneburg: Violine, Martin Mallaun: Zither, Harald Pröckl:

Cost: Free

Member: Clea T. Waite


Discussion “Arts and Politics: Bridging the Progress of Cultural Sustainability

18:00 - 20:00

Haus am Luetzowplatz, Luetzowplatz 9, 10785 Berlin

ArtPolitics is pleased to invite you to its panel discussion with exhibition in honor of Berlin Art Week 2012

Speakers and discussants include: Karin Pott, Thomas Isenberg,
Benjamin Adrion, Georg Hackenberg, and Osvaldo Budet.

Featuring the HERAKUT urban art exhibit “jukebox kontrovers” and
the “Creative Despite War” video.

Entry Cost: Free


Laura-Lee Smith


August 2012


Gladys-Katherina Hernando & kate hers @ Letters from the Field Vernissage

22/08/2012 – 22/08/2012

19:00- 22:00

Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Schleiermacherstrasse 31 – 37, 10961

Letters from the Field is a group exhibition and publication curated
by the nine residents of the Node Center for Curatorial Studies 2012
summer program. Letters from the Field features work by twenty artists
currently working in Berlin. The resident curators have invited
artists to respond to six topics that address histories, futures, and
fictions. The form of the artists’ responses range from text to
video, painting, sculpture and performance.




Eiliyas “Nicholas A. Kelly”@ Mixtape Menage



Vater Bar in Neukolln
at the corner of Reuterstrasse and Sonnennallee
Reuterstrasse 27
Berlin 12047

Rosemary Lee is an artist and media theorist working between installation-art practice, aesthetics, and critical theory. Born in 1986, she currently lives and works in Berlin, while continuing to work on international projects between these disciplines.

Eiliyas “Nicholas A. Kelly” is an artist working with experimental video, music, creative writing, new media, visual art, public art, composition and varied concepts. Also curator of the YEAH C-MiniVideoArt Festival in Atlanta,GA. And has a number of music releases and installation projects. He was recently selected for MIX at Bath Spa University(UK), attended Arteles Residency(FIN), participated in FLUX festival for public art in Atlanta, GA Sound, concept, video, synchronicity, broken technology, idealism, pen, paper, pencil, ink, 80′s-90′s hip-hop production equipment, song, simplicity, layers, life, environment, and other are just some of the tools that Eiliyas uses to execute his artistic endeavors.



July 2012


Jean-Ulrick Désert @ Symposium: RADICAL CROSS-CURRENTS in BLACK BERLIN 27July

Jean-Ulrick Désert @ Symposium: RADICAL CROSS-CURRENTS in BLACK BERLIN 27July

DATE: FRIDAY 27July (10:30am—10pm)
PLACE: Humboldt-Universität
*Dorotheenstrasse 24, Room 1.102., Berlin-Mitte
WEBSITE: http://radicalblackberlin.wordpress.com/

More info >>


Cognitio Arsphobiae : Show Therapy

14/07/2012 -29/07/2012

Paulstr. 34, Berlin, 10557

Melissa Steckbauer and Alex Tennigkeit, are pleased to announce
our first co-curatorial venture; in our exhibition project we address
the transgression of fear.  We will artistically transgress our fears
in order not to sit at the level of “afraid”; the selected artists
deal with this theme in variegated ways, from explicitly political to
personal and poetic.


July 14th, 19:00 – 22:00

Performance by Kelly Kleinschrodt featuring Isabella Lewandowski 19:30

Performance by Sarah Goodrum 21:00


Melissa Steckbauer, Sarah Goodrum, Jean-Ulrick Desert


Elizabeth Corwin (Cultural Attaché of Berlin, US Embassy) Retires

Member Elizabeth Corwin (Cultural Attaché, US Embassy) Leaves Berlin, A special event held in her honor  takes place on Friday June 29th, 2012  at The WYE, large scale drawing works by artist Michael Markwick, Selected by the WYE’s Leah Stuhltrager.  We are honored to have worked with Elizabeth and received her support, and wish her the very best in her future plans! She will be missed!

June 2012



Kate Hers: Transmigration in Artistic Practice

29/06/2012 19:00-23:59

Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin
Transmigration in Artistic Practice is a screening and artist
presentation of two projects by the Korean-American artist kate hers,
whose works in performance, video and other media deal with issues of
language and identity. Curated by USArtBerlin member Christian de Lutz
and Regine Rapp.



Stasi Prison Tour & “Hither Yon” Studio Visit @ Hohenshönhausen

03/06/201  14:00- 18:00

Genslerstr. 13 A, 13055 Berlin

Members & Guests are invited to join us for a tour of the Stasi Prison
Museum, followed by a studio visit with members Michael Lee & Jeremy
Burke, part the creative artists’ collective group “Hither Yon.”

website: http://www.hitheryon.com/

5 Euro Stasi Museum / Free Studio Visit






Freies Museum, Berlin, Potsdamer Str.9, 110785 Berlin

Within the ACE project, artists discuss their practices and exchange their works of art while simultaneously building their own art collections.  ACE will be producing a catalogue featuring all of the participating ACE artists; to help finance the catalogue we are having a fabulous fundraising event entitled GOLD! This evening will be all about drinks and performances, art and music, and food and friends.

No entrance fee/ Free


Melissa Steckbauer, Elana Katz, Kate Hers, Jean-Ulrick Desert,

Madeline Stillwell


May 2012


PAULA ROSS: in and out of the frame: an american artist in berlin

18:30- 20:00
dorotheenstr. 24, room 1.501 Berlin, 10099

USARTBERLIN editor Paula Ross in the DuBois Lecture Series, Department
of English and American Studies, Humboldt University. Presentation
looks at everything from the U3 line of the BWG to illustrated tissue
papers wrapping fresh fruits, and will include images created
especially for this event.



Elizabeth Skadden: Communist Cassette Tape Culture

23/05/2012 18:00- 19:30

In the Communist Bloc, cassette tapes occupied a unique role as the point of connection of an underground music network as forbidden Western music was dubbed to hundreds of tapes for distribution. Through my artistic practice I am researching the networks that existed to distribute these tapes and how subtle physical and audio variations created the personality of the music for the listener.

Georgenstraße 47, 10117



Brina Stinehelfer: INTER-FORM: An Evening of Interactive Internet-based Performance

26/05/2012   19:00-00:00

SUPERMARKT Brunnenstr. 64 13355 Berlin

As part of “Month of Performance Art”: the award winning “Skype
Duet” and the German premiere of “Us the Audience and Them”.
Both pieces are interactive and use internet technology to explore
changing notions of human connection. Ticket price includes both
shows, afterparty with DJ and artist meet-and-greet. Tickets: [email protected].

Fee: 8€ / 10€




kate hers: It’s Complicated! – Adoption als unsichtbare Form der Migration

18/05/2012 19:00- 21:00

Koreanisches Kulturzentrum Kulturabteilung Botschaft der Republik
Korea Leipziger Platz 3 10117 Berlin

Auf der Veranstaltung wird Adoptionsmigration aus verschiedenen Perspektiven betrachtet und in Zusammenhang mit Fragen von Migration/Diaspora gestellt:Aus kulturwissenschaftlicher Perspektive, als kreative Auseinandersetzung im Bild, als provokative künstlerische Interaktion. Historische Kontexte und biographische Themen werden aufeinander bezogen.



USArtBerlin Member Elana Katz Speaks on ARTS Panel at The Black International Cinema Festival!

XXVII. Black International Cinema Berlin
Transnational and Intercultural Diplomacy
May 2-6, 2012

Visual & Performing Arts Seminar Berlin
Saturday . May 5
In the Rathaus Schöneberg’s (Bibliothek/Library)
7.30 pm / 19.30 Uhr



“2012″ – Goran Tomcic and Ze Coeupel (Ambra Pittoni and Paul-Flavien

19:00- 22:00
Skalitzer Straße 104, 10997 Berlin

May 5 – June 2, 2012
Opening: Sat, May 5, 7 -10pm



Cutting in Soma

Paulstr. 34, Berlin, 10557

Melissa Steckbauer

The first of a series of summer exhibitions at The Wand, Cutting in
Soma will exhibit the work of various kinds of spliced and intersected
bodies. Herein “soma” is taken to mean the body, both literally as the
biological organism and metaphorically as it figures into culture,
formal and aesthetic concerns, domestic structure, and gender.



APRIL 2012


111 – a contemporary location for art and Co Verlag present:
“Various – Verschiedenes”


Torstrasse 111 10119 Berlin

The art and studio house Torstrasse 111 and Co Verlag will unveil 2
new exhibition spaces featuring the work of James Bullough, Michael
Ebert, Ingo Fröhlich, Rebecca Loyche and Ulrike Seyboth.. After a
full year of renovating, the space will reopen to the public with the
sole purpose of fostering a place for contemporary art.


Rebecca Loyche
James Bullough


“Detail” Exhibition @ GALERIE OPEN

OPENING 05/04/2012 19:00-22:00

Legiendamm 18-20, 10179

In the exhibition “Detail,” Florian Japp, Madeline Stillwell and Peter
Truschner show moments of their perception in which the fragmentary
and fleeting reflects a wider reality.  The exhibition runs from 6th
April to May 26th. Writer/Critic Jeni Fulton (Humboldt University)
will hold an introductory talk at the opening, 8pm (German).


White Me Empty: Berlin Remix

Performance by Elana Katz

Read More Here! >


The Drawing Room Open House

15/04/2012  15:00-18:00
Location: Wrangelstrasse 31a, Berlin, 10997

by Mira O’Brien

Read More Here! >



March 2012


Artist Talk with Shlomit Lehavi + 5th anniversary

30/03/2012 20:00 -23:00

An artist talk with Shlomit Lehavi who will present her video installation Time Sifter as a part of the exhibition Fantastic Time Machines.
An artist talk with Shlomit Lehavi who will present her video installation Time Sifter
as a part of the exhibition Fantastic Time Machines. The same evening we are celebrating
the 5th anniversary of Art Laboratory Berlin!


Christian de Lutz (Art Laboratory Berlin)

Art Laboratory Berlin, Prinzenallee 34, 13359 Berlin


February 2012





Members studio visit Sunday!

Date is set for February 26th, Sunday, 14:00
at the ECC-Atelierhaus 
Neumagener Straße 21-29
13088 Berlin


As part of media art festival Transmediale there will be a conference/ panel discussion titled VIDEO MAKERS UNITE! Including USArtBerlin member Kathy Rae Huffman.


Read More on Forum >


January 2012 and earlier



Announcing: USArtBerlin’s January 2012 Stammtisch!

Read More/Location >


2012 USArt Berlin Cards are now available for each member!


2011 USArtBerlin HOLIDAY PARTY: Saturday Dec 10,
Strassburgerstrasse 6-8, Berlin-Mitte @


Dr. Rhee`s Kimtschi Shop! >

Dr. Rhee`s Kimtschi Shop

Dr. Rhee`s Kimtschi Shop/ photo credit: Rachel Marsden

Read More!


Amanda Markwick performs Haydn and Mozart
at Schloss Friedrichsfelde Berlin! >

Read More!


Performance by Madeline Stillwell at Galerie Open! >

After a lecture by Galerist Alexandra Rockelmann on her gallery and program,
Madeline Stillwell and Allison Fall created new performance work. The show
ANTINOMIES: GEGENSÄTZE  was curated by Jeni Fulton.

Read More!