A new mailing list is going to be revealed soon per request of USArtBerlin members! We are growing! After careful consideration of what members would like we decided to move to a mailing list much like the Berlin Scholars, but we will have a secure service for members only. In addition, this mailing list can be used to email your exhibition info, offering services that you might also offer alongside your art practice.

Many members do photography, design, web design, teach yoga, and have other skills for survival as an artist. Of course we would like the listserve to be about discussion by members and suggestions to the group as well.  

You will receive information by email on this once its all up! You will be able to regulate being on the listserve after it is set up and can cancel any time.

If you are wondering about past conversations and offers you made on the forum, these will be archived and securely encrypted offline, we believe the forum was a special opportunity to interact but the majority of interaction requested easier digital interaction. We may bring it back if the demand is re-asserted by members.

Kind Regards, USArtBerlin Administration