Mission Statement

USArtBerlin is an independent artist-run initiative affiliated with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S . Embassy. Our goals: to foster, maintain, and sustain a network of creative communities among U.S. artists and cultural workers (those involved in.....Read More >

New Board Member June 2014

Jonah Landor-Yamagata is a painter and draftsman. He grew up in in Berkeley and Oakland, California, and attended Bard College (New York) then UC Santa Cruz (California), where he graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies in 2003.

The main theme of his work concerns tensions between modern life and the natural world, and he is drawn to situations where he notices the two interacting in interesting ways. By taking the time to observe, paint and draw he sees deeper levels of relationship between natural and human-created environments. In addition to his artistic work, Jonah has extensive experience in the nonprofit sector as a program manager and environmental educator. He moved to Berlin in 2012 to concentrate on developing his artistic practice.

call4artistsDear USArtberlin Members,

The Public Affairs Section of the US Embassy in Berlin regularly organizes speaker programs, discussion forums, workshops and events on all sorts of topics for a broad range of audiences in Berlin and throughout the country. We know there are a lot of talented American musicians, artists, and authors living in Berlin, but we don’t have a central database or reference to contact you to either participate or attend such programs. This is why we are currently working on establishing such a database.

Please send your name and contact information, as well as a short bio if you are interested in being added to the creative contacts database.

If you are interested in conducting projects with or speaking and/or performing in front of German audiences, please let us know and provide the following information:

(Please note: This request is voluntary for American interested musicians, writers, and artists.)