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10 Years Too Late

10 Years Too Late

Opening: March 15th, 7-10pm

Address: Ackerstrasse 18, Berlin-Mitte


In the course of making work, an artist has discoveries and insights through its creation. Curated by Caetlynn Booth and Tyson Washburn, “10 Years Too Late” is a group show for 10 days in Berlin, presenting current works that speak to the concept through subject matter, process, or insights that would have been useful to the artist 10 years ago, or to the audience. From each of these perspectives, this show asserts that 10 years too late is still right on time.

Participating artists include Liv Aanrud, Megan Cotts, Richard Haley, Loie Hollowell, Lindsey Landfried, Amy Lincoln, Alan Prazniak, Tyson Washburn, David Webb, Viktor Witkowski. Each of the ten artists in the show has provided a statement about how their piece speaks to the theme and to their practice, and will accompany the exhibition in printed format. This exhibition approaches the theme from a point of specificity and intimacy regarding the practice of each artist and the content of each physical object in the show, and the interesting convergences, synchronicities, and coincidences between these works as well as the tensions, incongruities, and humor suggested by the possibilities and impossibilities derived from relating them to one another. The nature of the premise as a reflection upon time places the artworks in the show within a context to examine the ineffable qualities of an artist’s relationship to their creative process, trying to remember, identify, and represent the most important aspects of their creativity—in doing so, sympathetic concepts reveal themselves including loss, hope, regret, joy, erosion, and rejuvenation.

Press contacts: Caetlynn Booth, [email protected], +49 (0) 1578 772 4042 Stefan Riebel, [email protected]

Dates: Show runs March 10 – 20

Reception: March 15, 7-10pm, or by appointment

Admission fee: None

Site: http://www.i-a-m.tk/coming-soon.html

USArtBerlin Member(s) Participating: Caetlynn Booth http://www.caetlynnbooth.com/

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