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USArtBerlin is an independent artist-run initiative affiliated with the Public Affairs Section of the U.S . Embassy. Our goals: to foster, maintain, and sustain a network of creative communities among U.S. artists and cultural workers (those involved in.....Read More >

4th of July Picnic

Arguably the finest 4th of July Picnic this side of the Atlantic!  

Replete with sparklers, laughs, homemade dishes, and picnic fixns galore, we celebrated the day on the site of the historic Berlin Airlift, Flughafen Tempelhof. Now a park and virtual sea of grass, the location was as picturesque as it was apropos. The USArtBerlin members and friends who gathered together shared memories of 4ths past, a deadly tiramisu, Dr. Rhee’s famous kimchi, a delectable spinach tart, cornbread, banana pudding (with homemade cookies!), an inspired guacamole, and much more culinary warmth. Renditions of the US national anthem, as well as that of Germany were playfully sung as Frisbees were tossed, faces were painted and grills were readied for another round of sausages, burgers, and veggie kebabs. A generous helping of fantastically sunny weather and smiles made the day complete.